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To A Joyous Season

Dec 10th 2020

As they seem to be each year, the holidays are far away—until they are right around the corner. Even with the many challenges of 2020, they are speeding to us all. And even in these exceptional times, we will celebrate our special days.  

No matter what, we all look forward to holiday lights, colors and celebrations. And while the season may look a bit different for most of us this year, we know it’s the constants that count most—the spirit of giving and togetherness that springs from our love of family, neighborhood and community.

At WPG, we start our holidays with gratitude for all that has remained constant, regardless of 2020’s challenges and adjustments. For us, the most valuable constant of all is that which brings our work to life—the families who come into our homes and neighborhoods, shaping our concepts and the “sticks and bricks” into an exciting, vital, everyday reality. 

You are WPG’s inspiration. Your expectations for the best help us create just what you’re looking for in your new home and its location. In this respect, 2020 is just like our previous years as a homebuilding company.

Tsutsumida PicturesTsutsumida Pictures

In 2020, we still worked to offer more than you expected. Our stylish new homes deliver space-expanding versatility, which matters more now than ever. Our flex spaces handle office work, schoolwork, and home management. Advanced systems facilitate online networking, shopping and access to virtual entertainment and learning. Our floorplans and homesites provide enjoyable indoor/outdoor spaces, and as always, your expectations guide our design, features and finish decisions. 

A WPG constant is our commitment to providing a complete value package, one with great design, walkable neighborhoods and easy connectivity to good schools, recreational/leisure choices and local dining and shopping, plus proximity to metro centers.  

Today, diverse couples, families and 55+ shoppers will find inviting choices in Palm Springs, Encinitas and Bakersfield. In 2021, we plan to add new homes in each of these cities, and in new locations. Learn more, and keep in touch at 

Tsutsumida Pictures

Tsutsumida Pictures

The WPG promise is one more constant. With each design and in every locale, we promise to maintain our quality commitment, our smooth processes and responsive service. Like you, we aim for the best, and gain true satisfaction when we achieve it. 

Because we’re a family, too. 

Happy Holidays to all, and best wishes for the New Year!

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