Woodbridge Pacific Group Launches New Website

Oct 14th 2015

Orange County-based homebuilder/developer Woodbridge Pacific Group (WPG) has launched a new website that reflects its philosophy of new home design: find out what your consumer prefers, and deliver on those preferences. See www.woodbridgepacific.com

Baby Boomers and Millennials account for most of our homebuyers, so we conducted focus group research with John Burns Real Estate Consulting, targeting those demographics, said WPG Vice President of Marketing Karen Spargo. While we learned that these two age groups use different ways to start their new home search, both utilize online information extensively, and both want simple, intuitive navigation.

The focus group studies showed that both groups see highest value in the same three components of a new home purchase: location, floorplan design and homesite. Clear and useful information was the goal, and WPGs new site greatly enhances home shoppers ability to find, evaluate and compare these critical pieces of their search, said Mollie Carmichael, Principal of John Burns. The focus group input was invaluable to the website design collaborative, as shoppers will discover when they visit the new site.

Spargo noted The Roxburgh Agency of Costa Mesa and Fresh Interactive of Santa Monica as the sites co-designers.See www.roxburgh.com and www.freshiscool.com

WPG is committed to architecturally distinctive homes in premier locations, and its California markets encompass Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Kern Counties. WPGs management team collectively represents the completion of more than 20,000 new homes and some of the most successful master-planned communities in Southern California and the Western states.

With six projects in active stages of development, WPG continues to strengthen its track record.WPGs 2014 revenues of $164 million match top performing companies nationwide. The companys multi-project business platform encompasses real property acquisitions, land planning, entitlement activities, property sales and/or residential construction and home sales.

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