When It’s Time To Secure Your Oasis

Aug 17th 2021

For those who desire a certain kind of special in home and location, the Southern California desert holds compelling allure. With Woodbridge Pacific Group’s desert opportunities, your choices are just that—choice. 

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Superb Choices For High Expectations

Apr 2nd 2021

While the past year contained plenty of change and challenge, two sentiments remained constant—the compelling appeal of a fresh start, and the abiding desire to hold tight to timeless traditions. WPG shares this blended aspiration, and we are delighted to present our trademark blend of fresh choices and classic value in home, neighborhood and community.

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To A Joyous Season

Dec 10th 2020

Tsutsumida Pictures

As they seem to be each year, the holidays are far away—until they are right around the corner. Even with the many challenges of 2020, they are speeding to us all. And even in these exceptional times, we will celebrate our special days.  

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When Your Best Time Is Now

Oct 19th 2020

If you’re home shopping, you know that strong demand is a given in today’s new home markets, with shoppers moving quickly to buy. So is now a good time for you to make the move? Yes! Read our blog to find why.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Aug 13th 2020

Home buying season is in full swing, with shoppers from coast to coast looking for new, fresh designs in favorable locations. And while the complex process of finding and buying your dream home still includes “new normal” issues, WPG is meeting the challenges with meaningful advantages to our buyers. 

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For Your Family, From Ours

Jun 11th 2020

Your goal is simple: to secure the best possible home for you and your family, a responsive, versatile and appealing new design, situated in a desirable, distinctive place. With WPG, these “bests” are a given.

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The Great Outdoors

Apr 1st 2020

In California, one essential of desirable new home design is pleasing outdoor space, and at WPG, we create it by using the same principles that guide our concepts for new home interiors. For both, we want to provide useful space, and the feeling of larger space. 

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Happy New Year! And first things first!

Jan 15th 2020

We look forward to another great year of helping new home shoppers fulfill high expectations for a new home and neighborhood.

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What’s A Kitchen To Do? Everything!

Nov 26th 2019

For most families, light, warmth and food make our kitchen the home’s most vibrant destination. Making your new WPG kitchen inviting, high-function and fun is our goal, and we achieve it with top-of-list attention to the many roles played by this heart of the home.

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Luxury is in the Details

Jun 19th 2019

For new homes, this translates to great looks + great function = great design. At WPG, we believe your new home should be easy to live in, easy to live with and a source of pleasure and pride.

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The Perfect Home Starts With You

Feb 12th 2019

When you tell homebuilders what influences you most in your new home search, the surveys show again and again that location, design, schools/amenities and builder reputation are your bigs.

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