5 Interior Design Trends We’re Using in 2022

August 11, 2022

Interior design is an ever-evolving art that allows us to enhance the unique architectural elements of a space and highlight a healthy, aesthetically pleasing environment for our homebuyers. 2022 design styles are serving neutral, muted colors with an emphasis on natural textures, and we aim to showcase this timeless style in our homes across California and Idaho.

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The Impact of the Supply Chain Crisis on Homebuilders and Homebuyers

July 06, 2022

Building the home of your dreams is a wonderful adventure, like no other. Once you find the right home in the right neighborhood, near all your favorite places—you can’t wait to begin the next chapter of your life story. Then, along comes an antagonist, like the current supply chain crisis, and you find yourself in a battle to retain your joy while you wait for your home to be completed.

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An Interest Rate Primer for New Homebuyers

June 13, 2022

If you are interested in buying a home, then you should also be interested in what the current interest rates are for mortgage loans, and how you can receive the lowest rate possible. The lower the interest rate you obtain on your mortgage loan, the lower your monthly payment will be and the less interest you will pay over the life of the loan.

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Poised for Our Best Year Yet

March 24, 2022

At Woodbridge Pacific Group, we are pursuing exciting new horizons in 2022, all of them anchored by the unswerving commitment to excellence that has defined our company from the start.  For you, our homebuyers, this translates to an abundance of grea...
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