Buying the home of your dreams is a big step and we want to help make it an easy one. To simplify the process, click on the link below for more information about preliminary approvals with our preferred lender for all of our communities: Jeff Wiersma with US Bank. Please visit one of our Sales Offices for full details.

US Bank NMLS ID: 402761

Jeff D. Wiersma

Mortgage Loan Officer

Nmls ID 475932


949.515.1205 (office)

714.403.0329 (mobile)


1515 Westcliff Drive Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to get pre-approved to purchase a home?
Yes, all buyers are required to get pre-approved with US Bank to preliminarily asses your financial ability to purchase a home. This is true even if you are planning to purchase a home with cash. We strongly recommend getting pre-approved before finding your dream WPG home, not the other way around.
Do I have to use US Bank?
No, you are not required to use US Bank to finance the purchase of your home. Once you have been pre-approved with US Bank, you may choose whichever lender you wish, or pay with cash.
Is there a benefit to using US Bank?
Yes, buyers who finance the purchase of their home through US Bank will receive a lender incentive at close of escrow. This can be applied to closing costs, design upgrades, rate buydowns, and more. The credit amount varies by neighborhood.
How do I get pre-approved with US Bank?
Click on the “Let’s Get Started” link above which will take you to Jeff Wiersma’s US Bank portal. From there, you can begin the online application.
What info will I need to provide to get pre-approved?
You will be asked to provide standard personal information as well as 2 years of bank statements, 2 years of income tax returns, and 2 years of pay stubs. After you submit your application, additional items may be requested to complete your pre-approval. US Bank will contact you with the results of your application and provide you with next steps toward purchasing a WPG home.
Is my credit going to be pulled?
Yes, during the pre-approval process, US Bank will pull and evaluate your credit report. This is standard practice for all mortgage loan providers.
Do I have to put down a deposit?
Yes, an earnest money deposit is required at time of reservation or upon the execution of a purchase agreement on a WPG home. The earnest money deposit required varies per neighborhood, please reach out to a sales counselor for specifics per neighborhood.
How much money do I have to put down?
The down payment required on a mortgage loan varies by loan product and borrower qualifications. Please reach out to US Bank for more information.
How does the interest rate impact my ability to purchase a home?
The lower the interest rate, the lower the mortgage payment. Read our Interest Rate Primer blog to learn more about how interest rates impact the home buying process.
Is there a way to get a lower interest rate?
Yes, the interest rate on a mortgage can be reduced using a mortgage rate buydown. Learn more about how this works on our Mortgage Rate Buydown blog. In some cases, WPG will pay for a buydown on behalf of a home buyer. Ask a neighborhood sales counselor for more details.
My home will not be completed for several months. What happens if interest rates change from where they are today?
WPG’s preferred lender, US Bank, offers a Builder Lock program so that buyers can enjoy extended interest rate protection, for up to 360 days. Best of all, if an interest rate drops before the loan closes, US Bank allows eligible buyers to use a one-time float down to a lower interest rate.